The launch of Secret Swap has brought a roar of activity to the Secret
Network. The Delegated to Supply Ratio increased by 4.41% with total active delegators increasing by 113% (5386 active delegators in February). In addition, February saw an increase in decentralization from January (which saw the biggest single digit drop in network decentralization to date) — stopping a potentially worrying trend.

We will now begin a quantitative analysis of the Secret Network and the distribution of governance control within the protocol. This is done on a monthly basis on the 30th day of each month using a snapshot…

A range of blockchain networks have long focused on transactional privacy. In recent history, there have been significant advances in transactional and computational privacy for networks such as MimbleWimble, Secret Network, Oasis, and potential ERC-20 roll-ups.

As such, a distinction needs to be drawn between transactional privacy and computational privacy as a significant number of users are not aware of the underlying fundamental difference between these two terms.

As with most terms in the Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT)domain, complex terminology continues to be a barrier of entry for everyday users, investors, and developers. …

The launch of the Secret Network bridge rewards and soon to be Secret AMM has brought a roar of activity to the Secret Network. The network has become more decentralized since October in a tangible way. Total number of addresses delegating increased to 2530, nearly a 43% increased in total delegators from December! Another interesting trend is for the first time since the creation of the network there has been a decrease in total delegated SCRT by 4.62% …

Abstract. A range of blockchain protocols have enabled a host of decentralized applications and usability based on the programmatic nature of smart contracts and interoperability. Open-source projects have thrived, with rapid adoption of a variety of decentralized internet protocols. A significant portion of the intrinsic value of blockchain is contingent upon immutability and simultaneously the transparency of the underlying ledger. Blockchains that have all data of every smart contract and transaction publicly visible are limited in their capacity to generate effective use cases where privacy is a fundamental component of the feasibility of the application. There has never been a…

Greetings Ocean & Secret Network community.

Ocean X Secret Network Developer Work Group

Due to the amazing potential of both protocols, the possibilities with what can be built at scale are extremely exciting. Long term collaboration is critical in order to create a thriving ecosystem of data with privacy preservation as a core component. As such, the Ocean X Secret Network dev work group was created to address the need for long term dev support between the two ecosystems.


  1. Monthly Dev Call
  2. Monthly Sprint
  3. Collaboration on troubleshooting issues / tips / sharing

Interested in joining? Use the link below to get started with this group!

Secret Network Governance Report 1.26

Greetings Secret Network community.

Amidst the constant innovation and activity occurring with Secret Network it can be difficult to track the the progression of the network as it pertains to its various aspects. Monthly reports help us understand dev tooling, use cases, blogs, community highlights, and a range of other avenues. Decentralization reports help track the changes in the network as it pertains to voting power and delegator sentiment— an important goal post that must constantly be tracked. The goal of the Governance/Proposal report is to give a post-proposal examination into the project in the most objective way possible.


Secret Network Decentralization Report 2020

Beginning in August of 2020 Secure Secrets began tracking the decentralization of the Secret Network. We believe this is an important step for bringing healthy awareness surrounding decentralization. As we all know, decentralization is an important attribute that is key to security, governance, and our ethos as an ecosystem.

The good news is that the Secret Network ecosystem has seen excellent progress since August 2020. The bad news is that November to December saw the first increase in centralization of the network since June of 2020.

This report will always be transparent and objective with its quantitative metrics; at Secure…

Greetings Secret Network and Secure Secrets Delegator community.

This year has been quite the ride — content, tools, and contributions have been our primary focus. We will always strive to “Stake. Create. Develop.” to the best of our ability!

For many people, 2020 will forever go down as a beacon of both hope and danger.

People were thrown into isolation, forced to drastically modify their habits and redefine what their “normal” looks like. Seniors in highschool didn’t have a shot at prom, graduates of college faced a spooked job market, parents taught their kids from home, and the price of webcams increased by 4x. Generation Zoomer took on a whole knew meaning — human connectivity evolved in the direction where a face on the other side of a glass screen would have to suffice.

On the other hand, people…

In order for a blockchain network using PoS consensus algorithm to maintain consistent throughput of transactions there are three key factors that a validator node must actively manage: uptime, block creation, and integrity. If any of these three factors are violated, the network’s overall quality as it pertains to security and throughput are placed in jeopardy. Slashing is the protocol “lever” that incentivizes nodes to have excellent uptime, throughput, and non-malicious contributions to the underlying network. PoS consensus is contingent upon token ownership and staking.

As such, slashing is the on-chain mechanism that leverages this fact by publicly destroying a…

Carter Woetzel

Author of “Building Confidence in Blockchain — Investing In Cryptocurrency and a Decentralized Future”

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