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Learning about blockchain can be intimidating. Lots of resources available are copies of copies — degraded quality similar to a hand-me-down tshirt from your sibling. As such, the quickest way to truly understand the technology and its vision is to read directly from the primary sources. We are blessed with the fact that the majority of literature and research in the cryptocurrency information domain is open sourced, readily available, and free to read. It can be hard to find the critical groundbreaking materials, and so I have done that for you.

Take advantage of that!

As the author of Building Confidence In Blockchain I leveraged over 300+ sources. I will continue to compile these sources into effective lists for interested readers. Sharing knowledge is one of the many things I am passionate about.

In this article series, I share excerpts and stories from my book, Building Confidence In Blockchain — Investing in Cryptocurrency and a Decentralized Future. I hope you enjoyed this post — if you enjoyed it and want to connect you can reach me here via email or connect with me on social: (twitter) or (LinkedIn) .

Also, you can also find my book on Amazon — here is the link to buy it: [Amazon Link]

Author of “Building Confidence in Blockchain — Investing In Cryptocurrency and a Decentralized Future”

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