Ocean + Secret Network Developer Work Group Announcement

Carter Woetzel
3 min readJan 2, 2021


Greetings Ocean & Secret Network community.

Ocean X Secret Network Developer Work Group

Due to the amazing potential of both protocols, the possibilities with what can be built at scale are extremely exciting. Long term collaboration is critical in order to create a thriving ecosystem of data with privacy preservation as a core component. As such, the Ocean X Secret Network dev work group was created to address the need for long term dev support between the two ecosystems.


  1. Monthly Dev Call
  2. Monthly Sprint
  3. Collaboration on troubleshooting issues / tips / sharing

Interested in joining? Use the link below to get started with this group!

About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is an on-ramp for data services into crypto ecosystems, using datatokens. Each datatoken is a fungible ERC20 token to access a given data service. Ocean smart contracts, Ocean libraries, and Ocean-powered front-ends make it easy to publish data services (deploy and mint datatokens) and consume data services (spend datatokens). Therefore Ocean provides decentralized access control.

Ocean contracts run on Ethereum mainnet. Ethereum composability enables crypto wallets as data wallets, crypto exchanges as data marketplaces, data DAOs as data co-ops, and more.

Ocean Market is like a DEX tuned for data. It’s an open-source community marketplace for data that uses Ocean datatokens. Users can publish data, buy/sell data, consume data, and stake on data (curate). Each datatoken can have automatic price discovery via its own automated market maker (AMM) pool.

Ocean’s “Compute-to-Data” feature gives compute access on privately held data, which never leaves the data owner’s premises. With it, Ocean Market enables monetization of private data while preserving privacy.

About Secret Network

Secret Network is the first ever privacy-enabled Layer 1 blockchain, featuring privacy-preserving smart contracts (“secret contracts”) that utilize hardware-based and software-based privacy technologies to protect data. Secret contracts are unique in that they allow for encrypted inputs, outputs and state. Data on Secret Network is private by default, public when desired. Secret Network is also open-source and permissionless — anyone can operate a node, deploy an app, or contribute to the network and its ecosystem.

Applications built on Secret Network (Secret Apps) can utilize encrypted data without ever exposing the data itself, even to the nodes in the network performing computations. This groundbreaking ability unlocks valuable new use cases across a variety of critical Web3 fields, including decentralized finance, data sharing, access control, machine learning, non-fungible tokens, and many more.

The Secret vision is to bring “programmable privacy” to every public blockchain, enabling arbitrarily complex data privacy controls for Web3 applications. This finally gives users and developers the ability to provide privacy or transparency to any data they want, when they want to provide it. Secret Network is providing the critical missing piece to global adoption of Web3 technologies.

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