Announcing Secret Happy Hour!

Carter Woetzel
2 min readDec 8, 2020


Welcome to “Secret Happy Hour” — a weekly Secret Network community event every Tuesday from 7:00–8:00 pm. CST devoted to bringing privacy advocates, builders, creators, learners, investors, and community members together in a casual environment.

During this Secret Happy Hour, the goal is to build a sense of community through storytelling, Q&A, conversations surrounding our shared ethos, and games. Perhaps one of the easiest and most valid criticisms of any blockchain community is the barrier of entry. I think back to 2017 when I first began to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain. I’d listen into podcasts and get excited about the future. I wanted to contribute. I wanted to figure out how I could get involved. But for me, I had difficulty finding a place where I could feel connected and accepted about the stage of learning I was at. As I reflect back on where I was in 2017 versus where I am now, I feel humbled by the many people who have helped me along the way.

The beauty of the blockchain domain is that every person has a story. Including you. You matter. Your voice matters. Your story matters.

In the digital age of instant information it can feel as though one could be part of a community while being entirely isolated. In its own way, this is a bonus. I am a massive privacy advocate and respect the importance of this ideal. And yet, when it comes to community I am willing to drop the aura of privacy in order to get to know someone better. It’s a tradeoff. Some people are comfortable with it, and some people aren’t. Transparency will be a critical aspect of building out this weekly “Secret Happy Hour”. Zoom will be the medium of choice — if you are comfortable with turning on your webcam that would be great! If not, we respect your right to privacy in this type of casual community context. No matter what, I hope you are willing to chat and engage with people you have never met before!

I would encourage you to take a leap of faith on this. This is your chance to begin to make friends in an incredibly unique niche. People passionate about blockchain, privacy, learning, and a good time.

As such, you are invited to join the first official “Secret Happy Hour” that will tentatively take place every Tuesday from 7–8 pm CST (1 am UTC) over Zoom starting 12/8/2020. Due to the large Secret Network community presence in North America, these hours will be tailored to this community. We will be aiming to start this up for our Europe community as well!

Here is the Zoom link to join at the respective time:

Here will be the format of the event for week one:

  1. Introductions
  2. Storytelling — What brought you into the blockchain domain?
  3. What does privacy mean to you?
  4. Competitive Quiz

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Carter Woetzel / Education Committee Lead / Co-Founder of Secure Secrets



Carter Woetzel

Author of “Building Confidence in Blockchain — Investing In Cryptocurrency and a Decentralized Future”