Secure Secret’s 2020 Annual Accomplishment/Org Report

This year has been quite the ride — content, tools, and contributions have been our primary focus. We will always strive to “Stake. Create. Develop.” to the best of our ability!

As such, this will primarily be a moment of celebration on what has been accomplished this year by Secure Secrets. Fair warning, we are proud about how far we have come! Mohammed, Austin, and I have put in countless hours answering community questions, stress-testing the network during testnet, leading committee meetings, creating ROI calculators for the community, youtube tutorials, blogs, twitter awareness, etc.

Let’s take a quantitative approach to our contribution:

Key contributions include the Secret Network Graypaper. This took Carter Woetzel approximately 45 hours to complete, with various phases of production and revision with feedback from Enigma and the Secret Foundation.

The second key contribution was Mohammed’s stress testing of the network during the testnet phase of which Secure Secrets was rewarded for. The third key contribution to the network was the creation of a staking ROI calculator which has already been used by 100s of users.

Developer Austin Woetzel joined Secure Secrets with this project — we are proud to have 3 devs on our team, with a potential 4th on the way.

The fourth key contribution was the YouTube educational content, key to this was Mohammed’s tutorial on how to swap from ENG to SCRT which collectively garnered nearly 3,000 views between the Keplr & MathWallet videos.

The fifth key contribution was Carter Woetzel’s leading of the education committee — onboarding new content and community collaborations with a range of communities. The 6th core contribution to the Secret Network was the Secure Secrets Decentralization Reports; tracking the rate of decentralization is key to maintaining the valuable core attributes of the Secret Network blockchain.

Secure Secrets internal accomplishments included the launch of a brand new website, exploration of a range of potential on-chain proposals, validator coalition building, a soon to be launched validator ROI calculator, asset purchases for video production, creation of a privacy policy, and additional exploration of node infrastructure.

Where do we see Secure Secrets heading in 2021?

Secure Secrets will continue to expand the Decentralization Reports. In addition, 2021 will see the beginning of Governance Reports by Secure Secrets. These reports will be a quantitative non-opinion based examination of proposals post-mortem.

An important addition to Secure Secrets is a monthly newsletter available to anyone (sign-up today!).

Secure Secrets plans to expand their contribution to a range of open-source projects that are part of the Secret Network and will continue to explore symbiosis with the Secret Network committees.

In addition, Secure Secrets is identifying the needs of the community as it pertains to tooling as well as educational content. With our front-end developer skills we plan on helping build out UIs for Secret Contracts built by Secure Secrets and other community members. There is also potential for network visualization tools to be available for the community. Near and dear to Secure Secrets is the creation of a multi-path education video series for both developers and non-developers featuring a beginner, intermediate, and expert level.

Social Media will also be a point of focus for Secure Secrets — we plan to see an 500% increase in twitter followers as well as subscribers in 2021. Whatever we can do to help Secret Network grow ultimately benefits Secure Secrets, our delegators, and the community!

Thank you for an amazing 2020 to all of our delegators and community supporters. We would humbly ask you to consider staking with us — your support empowers us to continue to do the work we do. Without you, Secure Secrets ceases to exist.

Stake With Us

As always, we will always push privacy as a human right, privacy by default, and privacy as the key to unlocking the full value of a decentralized future.

May 2021 be a testament of Secure Secret’s ethos.

Stake. Create. Develop.

-Mohammed Patla, Carter Woetzel, Austin Woetzel



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