Secure Secrets’ Secret Network Governance/Proposal Report 1.26

Carter Woetzel
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Secret Network Governance Report 1.26

Greetings Secret Network community.

Amidst the constant innovation and activity occurring with Secret Network it can be difficult to track the the progression of the network as it pertains to its various aspects. Monthly reports help us understand dev tooling, use cases, blogs, community highlights, and a range of other avenues. Decentralization reports help track the changes in the network as it pertains to voting power and delegator sentiment— an important goal post that must constantly be tracked. The goal of the Governance/Proposal report is to give a post-proposal examination into the project in the most objective way possible.

At Secure Secrets, we believe it is key that proposals are analyzed to get a better understanding of :

  1. The Proposal / Product
  2. How validators voted
  3. How the community voted
  4. Precedents / Points of Interest

Due to time atrophy, these reports will start with the most recent proposal, and will be done in batches of one or two from here on out. Hopefully, these brief examinations can bring clarity and understanding to what can often feel like a sometimes chaotic off-chain discussion period, and on-chain vote.

(Proposal forum post link) (Spreadsheet Data Link) (Puzzle Link)

Governance Proposal #26 Designated Secrettipbot Development Proposal

Entities: SG-1

Product: To increase SCRT usage on social networks a Secret tip application @secrettipbot will be developed and provide a tool available to the community that allows for convenient, instant, transparent sending and receiving of SCRT directly via public tweets or in group chats.

Cost: 18,500 SCRT and 3% fee to cover operation and maintenance costs

Timeline: 3 weeks of development from SG-1 including long term tooling support

# of Forum Comments: 93

Source: Closed-sourced during development with long term open-source support

Passed: Yes

Quantitative Examination

Link to chart/addresses

Community votes consist of non-validator votes: there was 28 of these votes cast out of 48, more than 50% of the votes cast. As governance becomes more ingrained in the community, this number should continue to rise. In terms of “No” votes, 2 addresses made up more than 95% of the vote. Collectively, 20 validators voted out of 50. Having nearly 69% of delegated SCRT vote is quite an impressive — the ecosystem should continue to push for all validators and delegators to vote! It is helpful for the ecosystem to support validators that are active contributors to governance.

Precedents / Points of Interest

One key take away from this proposal was a discussion surrounding open-source and closed-source proposals. There was no 100% consensus on this (as will always be the case barring a protocol change) outside of the fact that open-source is strongly encouraged. Depending on the proposal it is not necessarily a 100% non-starter, but generally the community prefers open-source projects. An additional precedent that was set was the need for formalizing off-chain behavior through an on-chain agreement of what these steps precisely look like. While this proposal has not been put on chain yet to create these steps on-chain, it would be reasonable to expect an update on this in early 2021.

This was governance report #1 — we would love feedback moving forward. What additional information would you like to see on this report? Be sure to let us know on twitter or telegram as we continue to build out tooling and automation to generate these kinds of reports. A special thank you puzzle, their data aggregation and tools help make these types of reports possible.

If you would like to contact Secure Secrets, please reach out to Carter Woetzel or Mohammed Patla on Telegram.

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