The idea of the age of a token playing a role is brilliant. I am a little concerned with only 220 actors being at the 25k threshold. The team talks about different model scenarios they have run through. I believe it would incredibly helpful for the Enigma community if there is a continuation of material that is posted justifying the decided upon node runner economic model.

Overall, cannot wait for 2019–2020 (particularly Q1). To anyone reading this, if you want to know what a quality project looks like in the blockchain privacy space, with a team that is concerned with results and creation- look no further. Enigma has been hard at work creating, iterating, researching, developing, and discussing. If you are not familiar with the Enigma Project, I would encourage you to watch Guy Zysking & Can Kisagun and the presentations out there. It is a great way of obtaining a better idea of the larger vision of the Enigma Project.

Author of “Building Confidence in Blockchain — Investing In Cryptocurrency and a Decentralized Future”

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