Tornado Cash Reflection: On Stablecoins, Custodianship, Dollarization of Web3, & Privacy.

  • Purchase a product without having other vendors be able to track your purchase metadata
  • Keep employee payments private
  • Keep contractor payments private
  • Tipping
  • Anonymously donate to a specific cause (perhaps polarizing)
  • Donate to a person anonymously
  • Maintaining privacy with app interactions
  • You are being harrassed online and want to remain anonymous
  • Perhaps you want to separate your real world identity from your crypto address. What if friends, family, and others are able to see how much wealth you hold on the blockchain? This is a potential security and cultural risk.
  • You think crypto will achieve mainstream adoption meaning everyone will have access to all this information (retailers, banks, potential employers), and you question if they will use the information ethically.

The Immutability Of Permisonless Participation

On Stablecoins & Custodianship

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire is one of the members of CENTRE’s board of managers, which votes to approve requests to blacklist USDC addresses. (Circle)
  • Private
  • Permisionless
  • Fast
  • Decentralized peg
  • Decentralized collateral
  • Global
  • Stable
  • Auditable (via user choice)

Dollarization of Web3

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Carter Woetzel

Carter Woetzel

Author of “Building Confidence in Blockchain — Investing In Cryptocurrency and a Decentralized Future”